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Blastech's Worst Nightmare- Vesta Danaskyi by Myriagonic
Blastech's Worst Nightmare- Vesta Danaskyi
I know- i know. I keep posting borderline nothing but this character- but this image is actually a redo of her reference here .

This image was done almost entirely on Photoshop Touch as the swan song of my Note 3. Recently got the Note 7 so we'll see how effectively i'll be able to work on that in the future.
Seventeen by Myriagonic
"When I was a child my family served our Gorvan, Nkosi  Zaki, the ruler of our town as our subspecies had for generations before me. We lived the same life our forefathers had for thousands of years even as our brothers and sisters in the northern continents dealt with kimach companies from the core worlds. Gorvan Zaki had ignored calls by other Gorvans from the north to rally for war. When Blastech had reached us it became clear that Nkosi Zaki had been on their side from the beginning.

At first Blastech took volunteers to a factory to the north to earn credits to buy the crops, tools, and weapons that they'd made and owned their entire lives. As time wore on and factories continued to crop up closer and closer to the village dissent grew with every passing year. Gorvan Zaki was given a comfortable position as foreman of on of the closest plants and instituted and edict that all males would be required to staff the newest plant. They took my father and brother within a week. Our spiritual leaders encouraged us to protest and peacefully resist. They were successful in stopping the kimach from taking us that time so my mother and I joined the next protests. That time Blastech brought their machines to the village. The Kasa like me and my mother fought as hard as we could but in the end I was only able to escape thanks to her.

I was caught just a day later by a border outpost. I tried to escape, but their Droids were too strong for me back then. There were a few human kimach staffing the outpost alongside the droids. That was the last day i was going to let any kimach lay their filthy hands on me. When they asked for my age one of them took pity on me and cleared me to leave. I was seventeen. Now, i'm Blastech's worst nightmare."

Vesta is part of a multimedia project i'm working on. I needed a picture of her in the style of a mugshot so i figured it would give me the opportunity to explore her backstory as well.

Other pieces related to this include:
Now watch me flip (Adult Vesta, mid-combat.)
Blockade Busting (Vesta & crew's ship, 'The Derkolo')
Blamo & The Mechanist of Mutanda- MD-86 (MD-86, an assassin droid originally sent by Blastech to eliminate Vesta.)
Vesta Danaskyi- Galaxy Note 3 Doodle (Part of the first few character studies of Vesta. Presumably older and post-Mutandan insurgency)
Desperado of the Clan (The original then-unnamed OC that became the basis for Vesta. Originally drawn in early 2013 and finished in June)
Now watch me flip by Myriagonic
Now watch me flip
Vesta Danaskyi, de facto leader of the so called 'Killaniri Killers' insurgent group on Mutanda. She fights alongside other aggrieved Horansi against the Blastech occupation of their planet.

Some Vent-Art.

I ordered a really large commission in the hopes that looking at this other artist's interpretations of my characters would help me grow as an artist. Eventually as it took longer and longer for work to begin on the commission I experimented with my technique and tried lots of new things to accomplish what I wanted out of the commission on my own. Four years later I felt i'd accomplished everything i wanted to get out of it and spent another couple months chasing after what had been completed on the project (turns out about 1/70th of the project's original goal.).

This picture really is just putting a lot of the things I've learned since then into one image. While the commission was a headache and cost me a lot of money it was a motivator that helped me get to where I am now and that, to me, is totally worth it.
Retribution-Class Escort Fighter by Myriagonic
Retribution-Class Escort Fighter
The Retribution-Class Escort Fighter was intended to bridge the gap between the hyper-advanced Fury-class and economical Supremacy-Class.

Armed with a vast array of forward facing and rotating weapons the Retribution was awarded to elite groups within the Empire such as the Emperor's Guard, Dread Masters, and a handful of imperial aces.
The Retribution-Class seated a maximum of four (Pilot, Copilot, and two gunners) and was commonly used to guard important transports and installations.A number of these vessels faced off against Malgus' Stealth Fighters and performed admirably in despite of the odds.



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